Sunday, November 9, 2008

Krishan's Farewell Dinner

Thanks to Abhi for the pictures!

We didn't do much today except laundry and cleaning until we went to see Madagascar II for Krishan's farewell gathering. It was excellent. The lemur makes the movie, and it was hysterical. After the movie, we went to Olive Garden for his dinner.

Rant about Olive Garden. I worked at Olive Garden in college, and we would accomodate very large parties ahead of time. Either our Olive Garden is different or they have changed this policy. While Olive Garden has never taken reservations, they would accomodate the large parties (like 20 people or more). So, I called on Saturday, and the very rude phone person said that they didn't take reservations and basically hung up on me. So, I decided I would wait until Sunday. I called around 1:00 and said that we were bringing 20 - 25 people in at 7:30 that night and that I wanted to let them know so that they could be prepared. She told me that they didn't take reservations. I asked if I could speak to the manager. She didn't even acknowledge me but clicked the phone on hold. Can you say RUDE? So, the manager gets on the phone and says that they can't do anything to help. I tell him that I need to determine if we should go somewhere else but that the person we are having the dinner for picked Olive Garden. I am thinking he would surely want the business of 20 - 25 people. He says he can't do anything to help.

If everyone hadn't already been told where to go and if Krishan weren't vegetarian which causes some difficulty on finding places he likes, I would have told the manager that we would go somewhere that valued our business. However, because it was Krishan's thing, I was brave. When we show up, they know we are coming and have us down on the list. Someone got there at 7:15 to get us on the list, and we didn't get to sit until 8:15. The BEST part was that the RUDE hostesses just glared at us the entire time like we were causing them major trama. Unbelievable. I believe that things work out in the end, so I think that the very rude hostess will get what she deserves.

Then, we had wonderful service by our wait staff. The food was actually pretty bad, but the waitress was wonderful.

The most important thing (as my mom says) is that we got together to celebrate Krishan and to wish him well. I am still in denial that he is leaving. Thankfully, we will still work together closely, and I will get to see him in a week in Atlanta. :) Krishan, we all wish you the best of luck!

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