Monday, October 11, 2010

Chronic Care in America

I am usually a big defender of our health care system as I have been part of the machine and seen so many people try to help so many patients. I feel like there are so many things that we could improve, but I have always felt that our health care system is awesome despite the issues that could be resolved. Of course, I still am proud of all that our health system does, and I still think we have fantastic people and resources.


As the mother of a chronically ill child, I have to say that it is very frustrating to watch three different specialists see your child and treat the one thing that they care about and not look at how it all fits together. For example, a rheumatologist prescribes a med to help with the chronic illness but that causes severe headaches. The neuro sees her and prescribes a medication to use for the headaches. The rheumatologist reduces the dosage of the 1st med and adds an IV version of that same med to see if it helps the headache. The neuro prescribes more meds for the headache. The belly now starts hurting. The GI says that it is because med #1 was decreased. Hmmm...Doesn't it seem that all three of them need to TALK to EACH OTHER? They are all operating on the part that they are concerned with and not seeing that they are related.

It is also very frustrating as a mom to try to keep up with all of these different pieces. It seems that they should collaboratively come up with a treatment plan that covers all areas and then each report in on their part, findings, problems, adjustments, etc. The patient could report in on problems, concerns, compliance, etc.

I seriously wonder how people without medical background can possibly figure it all out. Of course, that is just the care. Then, there are the bills. I will have to leave that for another day.

Hoping for some collaboration...

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