Monday, October 18, 2010

Stressful Day

Some days, I just want to shout REALLY ? REALLY?

So, today I needed to deal with Walgreens screw up NUMBER 5. It is really unbelievable. First, Morgan was prescribed a prescription that has #3 in the NAME of the prescription and the Dispense Amount was written out and in numeral format as 17 (SEVENTEEN). Walgreens fills it with 3 pills. When I call them, they say, it was written for 3 pills. I tell the lady that it was NOT written for 3 pills because it said SEVENTEEN in all caps on the prescription. She says she will have to go back through the prescriptions. Of course, when I demanded e-prescribing, it didn't get there and I had an awful time waiting on the prescription to be filled. When I accept the piece of paper, this is what happens. Grrrr....
She calls me back to say that she found it, and they will have it ready for me "at no charge." Wow! No charge? Amazing since I ALREADY PAID the copay for it. Man oh Man... They also said they couldnt' fill one of her prescriptions because they thing the dosage is wrong. Seems odd since that is what she was taking in the hospital, but at least they are looking at something. Also, for some reason, they gave me another prescription that she gets but we didn't ask for it. I gave them 3 prescriptions, and I left with 2 and one pending their verification.

Then, I am looking at her discharge instructions from the hospital, and I see Zofran on the list. Hmm...that is weird, didn't I give them a script for that? I don't think I got it? Weird. I look and they didn't give it to me. They gave me a different med instead. Odd...So, I call them. They say, we have to prescription here for that. I tell them that I dropped it with the other two. They say that they only got 2. They do say that they got ahold of the doctor who verified the dosage of the other med. Then, they go and look again. WOW! They found it! Shocking! Amazing. Thankfully, it was just a PRN med, but how pathetic. This is seriously the FIFTH error that Walgreens has made. So, I took all of our prescriptions to CVS to see if they do better. I am thankful that I usually am good at checking for the right thing although I did miss the Zofran error. Man, isn't it enough to be a mom without having to obsess about their carelessness? I have even spoken to them twice now about the errors. They did give us one free prescription to make up for it. Wow.

Then, my other healthcare frustration today was that we STILL haven't heard back from the GI doc who was going to call us on Thursday of last week. I have called Thursday, Friday, and now three times today. Finally after my THIRD call, the receptionist says that she doesn't want to give the results by phone and can we be there tomorrow at 10:30.  I was so mad that I could hardly see straight. Frustrating. Obviously, this doctor has never had a sick kid.

Work has been pretty stressful too. I just love ARRA. I wonder how many providers will actually file for and get the money? It seems that a lot of them who already have an EMR even are not thinking they will get it.

I am glad I am running tomorrow as I think I need the stress relief! Some days are just better than others, and I am trying to take deep breaths and chill until they come. Of course, today is the day I had to pick to start eating better again. I had completely fallen off the wagon and had started eating pure junk every day again. So, today, the Diet Coke went. The eating out went. The junk went. Back on track as I know I feel better when I eat well. Glad I got those margaritas in on Saturday!!! Last ones I will have for a while I guess. :)

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