Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nice Run Today

This morning, Stacey and Eric met me to run, but Mike and Mark both decided that running/walking wasn't in their plans. Since Stacey and Eric were doing 3 - 4 miles and I neeed to do 8 - 9, I decided I would just run home from seven oaks. It was 8.75 miles from the clubhouse to my house. It was fun except that I didn't know how far it was. I was a little worried when I wasn't seeing the stoplight to turn toward my house, but it finally showed up. I really enjoyed the run.

The rest of the day didn't go so well, and it was a three margarita night. At least Tennessee didn't play football so they couldn't lose. Mississippi State beat Florida - YEAH!!!! Ohio State lost - YEAH! Auburn and Georgia both won! What a great day of football. I started falling asleep around 8 but I did get to see the Mississippi State game. Morgan spent the night with her friend Rachel for her birthday.

Glad to put this day to an end.

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