Friday, October 8, 2010

Flight Home and ER

We flew home today from Chicago, and Morgan started feeling really badly at the airport and through the flight. By the time we landed, she was really hurting (head and tummy). So, we went to All Children's. She was admitted after her spinal fluid pressure was too high. The spinal tap made her feel a little better, and they changed her meds to try to slow the production of the fluid.

When they did the spinal tap, they convinced Morgan that she didn't need sedation and that she should be a big girl. In the future if she has to have one, I will definitely encourage the sedation. I felt really badly for her. :( This amazon lady held her down, and at one point Morgan was crying and said that she couldn't breath the way that she was being held. She said, "if you can talk honey, then you are breathing." I thought that wasn't so nice. :( Morgan was a trooper though and we made it to the room around 2am.

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