Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Atlanta For Training

This week, I was in Atlanta Monday night through Thursday for a training class. On the way out, I stopped into the Delta Sky Club (LOVE the sky club). The Tampa club has gone self serve! Even though I didn't have anything other than water and some snacks, it was pretty cool to see the setup.

 It was good to be there and to get to socialize with some other people who I don't normally get to be around. The class was good, but it is SO hard for me to sit still in a class for three days. Plus, they have all of this catered food that is so hard to not eat when you are sitting in a class all day. Plus, I had gone about 10 days without a diet coke or diet pepsi (love that Pepsi after the refresh grant), and I didn't survive the meeting. I had at least one every day. I needed the caffeine and my head was STILL hurting. I thought the caffeine headache would go away after 10 days, but it didn't.

I did run on Tuesday and Thursday, but my Thursday run was only 6 miles (planned to do 8).

I tried really hard to get an earlier flight home on Thursday as we finished the class a little early. Morgan was getting admitted for her infusion and for a spinal tap. I would land after the IV was started, but I knew Mike would do a great job geting her admitted. I did hate to not be there though, so I tried really hard. I went standby on two flighs, and it looked like I would get on the 2nd one. But, then I didn't. I was sad, but it was only an hour before the next flight.

I got to the hospital around 9:45. Mike went home to get some sleep and I stayed with Morgan. She was still having a bad headache, but they gave her benedryl and pain meds. She slept pretty well. I have a love/hate relationship with the parent "bed" at the hospital. I am thankful they have it as the lounge chairs aren't really sleeping material to me, but it got really old the last time she was in the hospital.

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