Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today, I got up and ran through Lincoln Park. It was really nice to get out and run in 40's weather. WOW, I am MUCH faster when it is colder!!! :) I did 5 miles and felt really good. Then, we did a quick stop in the American Girl store in Chicago where we looked for Felicity stuff as she is being retired at the end of the year.

The doctor visit itself was very long (we were there about 7 hours), but Dr. Pachman spent over an hour with us herself. They did the nail study, a lot of labs, physical therapy eval, and x-rays. We were so exhausted after the day, and Morgan was starting to feel badly by the end.

We decided to play it low key and eat at the hotel at Mon Ami Gabi (I love this restaurant. It is fun and the food is great). We crashed early.

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