Saturday, October 23, 2010

Run, Shopping, Howl O Scream! much for restful this weekend. :) Today, I went for an 11 mile run to hit my long run of the week in preparation for Jacksonville. Then, I took Morgan shopping to find pants and half chaps and a polo shirt for her first ever horse show tomorrow. :) She started back to hoseback about a month ago with one lesson, and then she was so sick that she had to miss three in a row. Well, at her lesson last week, they asked if she wanted to be in the show. She hasn't ever done that and wasn't sure about it. She really wanted to do it, and I was so glad she decided to go. But, we had to get some supplies.

First, we went to to the "horse store" as I call it. The polos weren't good for Morgan, but the rest was good. Then, we went to Walmart to get a polo. As we get out of the car, we realize that Morgan left her flip flops at the "horse store." Oh my...we laughed so hard. So, she went into Walmart with black boots and jean shorts. Oh yeah...Mike said that she might have been photographed for that "people of walmart" joke. :) We went back to the horse store and thankfully had no problems getting the shoes.

By now, it is time to get ready to leave for Howl O Scream - Busch Gardens haunted houses. The whole fam went and Morgan's friend Rachel joined in. We went to Fright Feast to watch the show and eat before hand. This is a great idea because you get a good meal, a funny show, and then you get into the part a half hour prior to the park opening. Then, your wristband gives you "Front of the line" access for an hour after that. You can see a lot in an hour an a half.  We saw all the houses and scares zones, and we rode montu, shiekra (twice), and kumba. Fun night! Of course, Mike may never walk normally again after having the girls holding onto him so tightly, and we might not be able to hear from all of the screaming. But, we had a great time.

Mike also won me an adorable Tennessee bear at the basketball game area!!! Day 6 of no Diet Coke/Pepsi. WOO HOO!

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