Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Celebration at the hospital

Morgan was supposed to get a spinal tap for her spinal fluid pressure today, but by the time the doctor came and saw her, it was too late. Plus, they were worried that the chololate milk SIP that she had with her meds (that the nurse brought her) was risky with the anesthesia.  So, they didn't get it scheduled until Saturday morning. The good news was that they were doing trick or treating in the hospital and they brought Morgan a costume to use. She had these really cool wings and a black tierra. She also had wicked cool eyelashes, but they didn't stay on very long as they bothered her eyes. They went through several floors and the nurses handed out candy and toys and all kinds of stuff.  The Shrek costumes were the best!

Morgan wasn't feeling too great during the day, but she did smile several times (especially for the camera). She is really getting tired of these headaches. :(

I continue to be amazed at All Children's Hospital. They really do a great job of caring for the patients and of trying to add some fun where they can. The trick or treating was fabulous.  They even had a pet parade.

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