Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love my Tri Group!

Today was a much better day. We did get some answers for Morgan today, but we aren't exactly sure what that will mean for her treatment yet. We will need to get all of the pieces put together to find out what we do next.

The Wesley Chapel Tri Group is the BEST!!!!! Today, Holly brought her example letter that she is sending out to friends and family so that people could use it as a template if they wanted. Also, the excitement that everyone has to help us raise money and awareness for Cure JM is just phenominal. I have been so amazed at our friends and family and the support they have given during this difficult time. My Tri Team has been especially fantastic. Nothing like long, difficult runs to get a chance to really talk. It surely is nice to have such great friends.

The Wesley Chapel Tri Team and Friends are walking, running, or a combination of the two for the Jacksonville Bank Marathon (or Half Marathon) on December 19th. We are doing this as Morgan's Team to raise awareness and money for research. Juvenile Dermatomyositis is such a rare disease that most people haven't even heard of it (although I did hear that it got a brief mention on House this week!). Many doctors haven't seen a child with it, and it is often misdiagnosed (as it was with Morgan).  If you are interested in helping us, we will be selling shirts as a fundraiser (Morgan is designing them), bracelets for Cure JM, and getting sponsors for our journey to do the marathon or half marathon. It is my first marathon, and I hope I can do it. Every time I feel like I can't take a step, I think about what it must be like to have muscle pain every day. If kids with JM can do it, then I can surely run to support them. Our fundraising page is and the site has a lot of information about it if you want to know more.

Tonight, we did 4 repeats of one mile each. We did easy out for a half mile and then hard back for a half mile. Then, we did it 3 more times. It was hard as I haven't done any speed work in a long time.  It felt so good though when I was done!

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