Saturday, October 18, 2008

AHHH Game Day in Ktown

We start off the day with a sandwich at Gus'. Amazing. I realize at this moment that we forgot the sign that I made with Lisa. Ok, Lisa made it. I just had the idea. Did you know that there is a whole series of Orange Man art? Who knew? The Ham and Swiss are just as good at 1:00 in the afternoon as they were at 4am. :) I realize as we are sitting there that the check cashing station is not there. When I was in college there, the ATMs didn't cross banks - especially for deposits. So, we wrote a check at the check cashing place and then went to the strip to spend the cash. It occurred to me that Electronic Medical Records are the same way. Right now, they don't talk a lot but soon they will (hopefully).

We then went to the Half Barrell and watched the games that were on. Of course, there was an obnoxous Ohio State fan there. FIGURES. We met some cool people and hung out. The bar loved our sign, and we had several pictures taken of us with the sign. I went to put my T tattoo on my face in the restroom, but there was a drunk girl in the bathroom who got my shirt soaking wet. It was very cold outside, especially with a wet shirt.

The stadium is just as wonderful as ever. LOVED it. The stands loved the sign just as much. It said, "I bleed orange, but I am running out of band-aids." However, no bleeding happened at this game. Tennesse ROCKED the house with lots of interceptions and scores (sorry Dad).

After the game, we walked back to the hotel, and we watched the Rays LOSE again. GRRRRRRRRR....

All in all, a fantastic day. However, my liver is crying out for a rest. GOOOOO VOLS!!! GO RAYS - you get ONE more chance

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