Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Off to Miami

Today, I left for Miami for work. I planned to leave the office early as I had a conference call to do from the airport. Then, there was talk that it might be cancelled. As I was finishing a meeting, I didn't leave as early as I liked. I rush through McDonald's (first time I have been there without Morgan requesting it in a LONG time) while talking to Phil on the phone. I make it to the airport (have to love how they change the side you exit for the parking every few months just for fun). I get to the Continental check-in, and the person recommends that I take my bag to the plane as I won't have to pay the $15 baggage fee if it is gate checked. Ok. Sounds like a plan.

I arrive at the first checkpoint where you show your ID and boarding pass, and the rude lady says that I have three items and cannot come through until I have 2. I tell her that the backback zips onto the suitcase but that I have it unzipped for ease of getting through security. I show her where it zips. She says that she doesn't care and that it is still 3 items. So, me being the patient and tolerant person I am, plop my butt down right in front of her podium and start zipping the backpack back onto the suitcase. Proud of myself, I start to go past her. She then tells me that it doesn't count as I have just attached them together and that I still have three items. I cannot believe it. Is she smoking crack?? So, I pick it up and show that it moves all as one piece. I put it down and show that it is all one piece. I lie it on its side and show that it is one piece. She is still not happy and says that I need to put my purse inside one of the bags. Finally, her boss said that it was fine and let me go. Oh my aching head....

At this time, I am trying to be on the conference call, but it is not going so well as you can imagine. We finally decide that they will get me a list and we will talk later. Probably a smart move on their part. :)

When I booked the flight, I knew it was a small plane. I did NOT realize it was a TINY plane. What I also didn't know was that it was very windy today. OH MY GOD...this was the craziest flight. We went up and down and tilted left and tilted right. My stomach dropped so many times that I really thought I might need a barf bag. I kept thinking of Mike and the Pilot Buddy since there was no restroom on board. Glad I went at the airport! Thankfully, it got a little smoother in the middle of the flight. The view was amazing though. Since we couldn't go above the clouds, we could see everything. I was in the exit seat (Yes, I said seat as there wasn't even an exit row - just one seat).

After landing, I get in a cab because I have another call coming up in 40 min. The hotel is supposed to be 20 min away. WRONG. It ended up being 45 minutes and $65. Gotta love it.

We ate at a Cuban restaurant that night. I had Paella. It was ok, but it wasn't as good as Papa's.

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