Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Final Day and Back Home

The last day of meetings was today. There was another fantastic speaker. He talked a lot about how each generation has a set of expectations that then form the very basic expectations of the next generation. Each generation is constantly pushing the expectations higher. For example, semi-private rooms used to be ok, but now people do not want anything to do with a semi-private hospital room (or dorm room apparently). He also mentioned the disconnect that many physicians have with their patients when it comes to technology and using it within their practice. Not only was the message great about the evidence-based economics and about the expectations, he was a fantastic speaker who had the crowd laughing hysterically.

I ended up getting to leave earlier than originally planned, and I got back to Tampa in time to meet Morgan at the gym for her tumbling lesson. She had a rough day as she didn't win the VP vote at school. Of course, it was made worse because her school cut off a lot of her speech (after they had edited the recorded speech without asking or letting her record it again -of course, this was also after several teachers had reviewed it prior to it being recorded). So, now, it just seems unfair whether that really affected it or not. I felt so badly for her, but I am also so very proud that she was brave enough to try to run AND that she dealt with the disappointment very well after she got over the initial shock.

Man, it was SO great to be back home in my own bed.

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