Monday, October 13, 2008

MIsys and Allscripts Deal is Finalized

First, I am a Tenneessee fan, so I love the color orange. However, I think orange is a color best left to the football fields. For some reason, I don't really like the all orange logo. Having some orange is one thing - all orange is another. I am also not really clear on the Boomerange looking A and M combined in the logo. I guess the shadow is supposed to be the part that makes the M. I guess they are saying that Misys is still in the shadows? :) I guess the company is Allscripts Misys, but the logo appears to only say Allscripts. Interesting. Not a surprise that Allscripts wanted to limit the exposure to the Misys reputation in the market. Allscripts is a marketing machine, so it will be interesting to see what they have at MGMA. I am sure it will be a production. I do have to question the "1 in 3" quotes referring to the doctors who use their products. I suspect that they count people who were ever sold the product and not just those who are on active maintenance or those who are actually using the products.

I think it is interesting that two companies who had so much bad blood are able to join forces. I remember when it was a bitter rivalry. I am sure it has to be crazy for the people who left Misys, who went to work in Cary at the A4 office, and who are now working back at the same original building. That has to be spooky weird. Having been a part of two acquisitions this year, I know it is challenging for any company to merge two groups, and I wish the two groups good luck in the merging. I guess I will have to limit the Tennessee shirts while near trade show events. :)

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  1. Allscripts' marketing was perfection...not sure what they were thinking! Will miss that red orb.

    LOVE their video, but soon realized that no matter where you click on the website you get to watch it again...and again...and again...