Friday, October 17, 2008

Knoxville Bound

Did you know that it is hard to take pictures while riding in a car? The trees and leaves were SO amazing during our drive to Knoxville. Unfortunately, the camera pics weren't very good. I forget how amazingly beautiful Tennessee is. I love living in Florida, but it is UGLY except by the beaches. Stucco everywhere, flat, boring......Tennessee is diverse, hilly, beautiful. I still find it amazing that I lived there every day and was used to theh beautiful surroundings - so much that I didn't even notice sometimes. Now, it is breathtaking. It really reminded me to stop and pay attention to amazing things -sometimes your memory doesn't do reality justice.

We got to Knoxville, and we checked into the Hilton downtown. The view was outstanding as I could see the river, Calhoun's, and the stadium all at once. AHHHHHH.....Home...:) We went to Calhoun's for an early dinner. We saw the Mississippi State radio crew, but they were hiding in their bus. We did thoroughly enjoy the dinner - we highly recommend it if you are in Knoxville or Nashville. After that, we went back to the hotel for a while as Calhoun's had cancelled the band due to potential rain. BUMMER...

We go to the bar in the hotel (the Orange Martini - LOVE the name), and we meet these people from Atlanta who went to Mississippi State. It dawns on me that I haven't really talked to many people who went there other than my Dad. They seem like very cool people. We takled a lot about jobs, living locations, etc.

Mike and I get ready to leave. We are in the elevator, and these two guys are there. They ask what we are doing. We say "Old City". One dude wants to go to the strip and the other wants to go to Old Town. Both of them tag along. We go to a bar that has a patio. We quickly figure out from the many shouts of "Is thatr ERIC CHURCH?????????" We loved him. I am not sure that it could have been any better.

Next, we went inside and listened to the band play. 500 miles to Memphis was their name. They were pretty good too. Next, we walk in search of our next good place. We can hear this band upstairs, but we can't figure out how to get there. FINALLY, a door opens and a drunk blond girl is staggering out. She asks if there is a bus near. We tell her to take a cab, and she says that she had no money to stay. She lets us into the fraternity party (the PIKES), and we have a fantastic time dancing away. The band ROCKED, and it wa HYSTERICAL to point out people and equate them to our adult friends. AMAZING time. HAD a BLAST.

Next we take a cab to Gus' Good Times Deli. I heart GUS. He and his wife are retired, but I lived there. Mike and I get steamed Ham and Swiss sandwiches, and we start talking to college kids. Of course, they are for Obama, so I have to get into it. That is when Mike reminds me that they are in COLLEGE so they want to share the money with everyone. :) KNOXVILLE ROCKS...

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