Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow, Feeling that Change!

So, all of the changes going on hit me pretty hard today. I guess it was the good ol change of state rule. I got to the office and of course went to where my desk has been for the past 3.5 years. The only problem was that other people were sitting there. I totally walked there out of habit even though I knew that my desk had been moved in order to split the new company from the old. So, I get to my desk, and I organize stuff, plug in stuff, etc. Thanks to Tony, Mark, and everyone else who moved my stuff in my absence!

I have sat in the middle of a group of people for over 3 years now, and today I was in an office by myself. Although, there have been many days where I thought I might like that, today was a very odd experience. As silly as it is, I felt so lonely in that room. Maybe part of it was being away from the office and wanting to catch up with the team, but I just felt disconnected. Hopefully, the shock will be over tomorrow.

I heard that many Misys and Allscripts people were laid off today. It sounds like departments all over on both sides had lay offs. Some of the people I heard surprised me as they had been there for a long time. Knowledge and experience take a long time to acquire and a long time to replace. Best wishes to everyone looking for new places to work.

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