Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rays WIN 13-4

Go Rays, Go Rays.....

What great teamwork. The team is so young, and they just keep pounding the ball. 13 runs.... Amazing. It would be so fun to have the World Series and the Super Bowl in Tampa this year. What a great time for the city.

My boss sent an email cheering for the Red Sox (he is a Yankee fan AND a democrat)

"If you allow the Tampa Bay Rays go to the World Series, dogs and cats will start dating, Republicans and Democrats will start getting along, the world will spin off its axis 2 degrees causing us to whirl out of orbit, crash into Venus, and everyone on the planet will be wiped out.

Please win, I want to survive.

Your humble Pin Stripe Fan"

I cracked up. Of course, I had to bring up that they are an inspiration and a great example of teamwork. Go RAYS....please win.....for Michael who adores you and stays up late for every game.

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