Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crack of Dawn - ICK

I had to get up at 6:30am. That is REALLY early after a weekend in Knoxville. The cab came at 7am. The drive to the airport was beautiful, but I had forgotten how pitiful the airport is in Knoxville. Of course, you can tell how I was feeling since I was taking pictures through the cab window. I just can't tell you how beautiful it was.

I went to Houston first, and I went to get a bite to eat during my 2 hour layover. I found out that Houston has some weird law that says you have to have a plate in front of you to drink alcohol before noon on a Sunday. I met a girl who sells Timeshares in Charleston and a guy who works for Sherman Williams in Alabama. They were pretty cool to talk to. I couldn't even imagine drinking at this point. My liver was begging for water and diet coke. Thank GOD for caffeine and hydration.

My next flight also involved sleep. I have to give it to Continental as they still try to have good service. They even served a lunch. Amazing. We landed in San Diego around 2. I was there for MGMA (Medical Group Management Association). I rushed to the hotel, changed clothes, and rushed to the booth. It turns out that it is slow inside an exhibit hall on a beautiful sunny day in San Diego. Imagine that!

After the booth, we went to dinner at Mickey and Lou's. I went there with my brother Mike several years ago during HIMSS. It was still really good even though I was too hungover to eat much. We watched the Rays game, and I was amazed at how many people were cheering for the Rays. The few people who were cheering for Boston weren't too bad. I just wanted to say, "Can't you just be happy for a team who has never been to the World Series?" Thankfully, the Rays pulled it out and will go to the World Series. It wasn't even any fun to give my boss a hard time as he was several hours delayed, bumped from a flight due to lack of bin spacea, AND they lost his luggage. GOOOOO RAYS!

I had a GORGEOUS view out of my hotel room window (the pictures don't do it justice).

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