Friday, October 31, 2008


I had meetings all day today, and I worked from home. Tonight, Morgan, Krishan, Mona, Krishan's Dad, and I went to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens. Mike and the kids didn't want to go, so they did trick-or-treating stuff. Personally, I believe that kids should stop trick-or-treating when they hit double digits, so I am happy to be done with that. It is fun when they are small, but it gets crazy as they get older.

We went to the Fright Feast first. You get dinner and a show (the dinner was really good - surprisingly enough and it even had veggie options!). The show was corny and had "I kissed a girl" and "When I grow up" in it.

After dinner, you get to go to the haunted houses 30 minutes before it opens to the public. We went to the 3 main ones before they opened the main gates. Then, Morgan and I rode Montu twice in the front row. Morgan was so excited to have "two firsts" of riding the first row AND riding it at night. Then, we went through a scare zone and hit the other 3 haunted houses and one other scare zone. We never could find the 3rd scare zone, but the haunted woods one was great. The best was when a person dropped down from the ceiling right in front of Mona.

It was great fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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