Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beach, Boat, Bern's

Today was a great all around day. We started by waking up at the beach and eating a fantastic breakfast at the Doubletree. Other than slow elevators, the hotel at North Redington beach is awesome. They even accomodated our sandwich trays from Subway and let us get them out one at a time.

After we checked out, we went out on the boat. We had a great time at Shell Island, and we just hung out and enjoyed the day. Everyone had lots of shells to take with them when they left. :)

We went to Bern's for dinner, and you just can't beat Bern's Steak House. Even the waiters have to work there for almost 2 years to become a waiter. The food is awesome, and they have an incredible wine selection (100,000 bottles onsite and over a million offsite). We did the tour of the kitchen and the wine cellar, and we had fantastic bananas foster in the dessert room. THANKS to Papa for dinner and Mike for dessert! What a fantastic end to Mark's birthday weekend!

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