Friday, October 3, 2008


I am catching up on my politics, but Morgan had to do a poster for either McCain or Palin. She knows I tend to vote Republican, and she knows that I plan on voting for McCain. They have been discussing it a lot in school, and she comes home from school and says, "Mommy, I think I might have to be a democrat." After I get back to vertical and try to gather my thoughts, I ask why. She says that her teacher said that Palin kills wolves in Alaska and sells their legs and she thinks that is mean. You have got to be kidding. So, I spend quite a long time explaining that Alaska is very different than Tampa. I also explain that wolves kill other animals like caribou. Then, she had to make a campaign poster for one of the candidates. She had to get at least 10 personal facts and issue facts and put them on the poster. She did a great job, and it gave us a lot of time to talk about it all. She also had to read a newspaper story about the debate and write a summary and her personal thoughts. It was quite interesting to hear, "Mommy, what is fiscal responsibility? What is a bailout?" I think it is great that they are getting the kids involved. I don't agree with the teacher telling the kids the whole killing wolves thing like that, especially without additional points of the candidates or more of an explanation. Morgan has been loving Palin, especially since Morgan is running for VP of her student council at school. I like her having a female role model in politics, so I hope that she continues to enjoy her.


  1. I'm surprised and concerned that someone I respect is still going to vote for the republican ticket - especially in light of the evidence that the republican in the White House as presided over the most chaotic, traumatic 8 years in US history. Palin, who took no fewer than six years to graduate from college - can't name a single newspaper or magazine that she reads, thinks humans and dinosaurs were alive at the same time, and can't cite a single supreme court decision aside from Roe v. Wade that she disagrees with!

    And as a healthcare provider - aren't you interested in the fact that the McCain healthcare "plan" would cover FEWER people than we have covered today - with no tangible improvement in health outcomes for anyone .. and it TAXES all of our health benefits .. so it raises taxes on everyone .. even though they say that raising taxes is bad! .. Didn't we learn from Bush #41 that such lies are just that .. lies! "read my lips .. no new taxes." He lied.

    Finally - I can't believe that anyone with any intelligence would buy the McCain argument that he makes sound, principled decisions. Is he FOR government regulation (Wall Street Bailout) or AGAINST it? ("against Big Govenment") ..

    You can't talk out of both sides of your mouth like that and make any sense!

    So .. really! .. Amy - I respect you and I think you are smart - so I am VERY confused.
    How can a smart person support:

    McCain - who flip/flops on such substantial issues as government regulation .. while essentially agreeing with Bush 95% of the time! .. He can't change his voting record .. which clearly reflects that he his lock-step with Bush. He's NOT the "maverick" he says he is.

    and Palin .. what more is there to say? The woman lies to our faces (eg .. Bridge to nowhere .. she is ON RECORD supporting it .. and then claims to have been against it. Does she think we are that dumb?)

    ok .. I'll stop. I wouldn't bug you like this if I didn't respect you - and .. of course .. you brought this up in the first place!

  2. Note that Kathleen Parker - a conservative Republican columnist - has now made it clear that THINKING people can't possibly support Palin's presence on the ticket:

  3. Amy's fellow republicanOctober 24, 2008 at 4:59 PM

    Dear Anonymous,
    If you're going to talk facts, talk about all of them.

    I'm sad that you feel the need to attempt to belittle someone you supposedly respect. I'm even more saddened by the apparent fact that you cannot separate your feelings for someone from their political views. You should be thankful that Amy is able to have the freedom to express her views, and that you have the freedom to express your opposite views, and not make it a personal attack.