Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poor Rays

It has been so fun to watch the Tampa area get SO jazzed up about the Rays. They have such a great story to tell after being the worst team in baseball. They have a very young team, and their determination has been infectious this year. I am so sad that they are struggling so against the Phillies. I am having flashbacks as I was raised on the Atlanta Braves. After watching many heartbreaking years, they finally did well. I remember them losing to the evil Phillies as well. I hope that the Rays have a few more upsets in them. It would be so incredible to have them make it back to Tampa.

Chin up Rays, Tampa loves you. I can hear the cowbells now. :)

On another note, I finally got my updated voter's reg card, so I can now vote where I am supposed to vote. I keep seeing all of the lines for early voting. That just isn't the same to me unless you aren't going to be around for the real day. I love election day and the electricity in the air. I like going to vote ON election day. I am glad they have the flexibility though. I am sure all of these people going early can only help election day traffic.

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