Friday, October 10, 2008


So, I have had just a BIT of fun teasing Mark (he is wearing a "40" shirt in the picture under a Happy 40th Birthday Banner with yellow 40th birthday caution tape and a blinking "kiss me I am 40" pin in case you can't see it). Since he always tries to convince people that he is younger than I am, I had to make sure that the record was set straight. We all wore "Old Fart's Friend" name tags today. It was a fun day. We took Mark to lunch at Pei Wei. Good times.

My parents were here today, and we all went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant for Margaritas (ok, and dinner). Margaritas have to be the best invention ever - especially on a Friday after a long week. Can you say YUMMMMMMYYYYYY?

Tomorrow is Mark's official party at the beach. I am excited to spend the day at the beach. Mike M also comes in tomorrow, so it will be fantastic to have the whole family together for Mark's birthday. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! WE LOVE YOU!

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